About the Balanced Scorecard Institute

Our partner The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI), headquartered in Cary North Carolina USA, provides consulting, training, and professional certification services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. BSI experts and consultants can contribute to organization success, such focus includes how to:

> Become a high-performance organization
> Increase focus on strategy and results
> Improve organizational performance by measuring what matters
> Align the work people do on a day-to-day basis with organization vision and strategy
> Focus on the drivers of future performance
> Improve communication of the organizationís vision and strategy
> Prioritize projects & initiatives
> Transform the organization and build buy-in to change
> Build complete strategic management systems
> Improve strategic processes

Organizations leverage BSI expertise in a number of different ways.

Some Organizations purchase The Institute Way and implement a system on their own - Most Organizations, contract BSI and its affiliates to provide Training workshop. This is effectively option to build internal capacities, including building and maintaining Organizations Balanced Scorecard System. - Other Organizations bring our expert consultants onsite to facilitate strategic actions to improve performance, build strategic management systems, provide on-site technical support, and create positive culture of how to execute strategy and create high performance organization.

The BSI Award for Excellence

The Award for Excellence is an annual award given to organizations that demonstrate significant results using the balanced scorecard approach. Award Criteria:

1) Executive Leadership The executives of the organization have embraced, promoted and stayed engaged throughout the development and implementation of the balanced scorecard strategic management system. The Board, if applicable, has provided leadership and oversight support throughout the process.

2) Strategy Mapping The strategy of the organization is embodied in a strategy map which effectively tells the story of the strategy. The map communicates clearly how the organization creates value for customers, stakeholders, and employees.

3) Alignment Logical connections among vision, strategy, operations, budgets, and employee behaviour are established and clear.

4) Strategic Resource Allocation Resources have been intentionally allocated to prioritized strategic initiatives that are linked to strategic objectives and results, and not allocated to less strategic initiatives.

5) Reporting and Communication The balanced scorecard effort and results have been reported and communicated effectively internally and to the organizationís external stakeholders as applicable.

6) Breakthrough Results The organization has demonstrated significant improvement in strategic outcomes, as shown by the achievement of target level or above performance on their corporate performance measures. This has been accomplished through the use of performance information to better inform decision making and budgeting.

7) Sustainability The balanced scorecard effort has resulted in a strategic planning and management system that produced significant sustainable change in the organization. The system must have been integrated into the organizationís management processes and in use for at least two years. .